Credit card reconciliation services

Bank and credit card reconciliation is a time-consuming procedure that is subject to errors and can cost valuable money and time if not done correctly. Reconciliation is linking the two collections to ensure that they carry the same data. It is done to make sure that the balances between the two accounts are the same. Liability, assets, equity, expenses, and revenues, all of these need to be verified regularly. A better bank and credit card reconciliation can help you to focus on increasing the business value. And to do so, outsourcing your bank and credit card reconciliation process can be the best solution as compared to in-house reconciliation services. With outsourcing, you can save your time, effort, expense and resources.

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Bank Account Reconciliation Services

By having us as your Bank Reconciliation partner, you can have a complete inspection of your financial records and transactions to detect inconsistencies. By verifying the accuracy of each account, our account reconciliation team recognises errors and discrepancies that require correction and settles the final balance accordingly. Our team works in sync with your team to understand your bank account reconciliation checks and after a complete understanding of your requirements; we will design a modified solution that will effectively address your requests.

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Customer and Vendor Account Reconciliation Services

Nowadays, businesses don’t remain a single identity or touchpoint. It is extended in reaching a large customer base and interacting with several vendors and business partners because of the advent of e-commerce. In this scenario, businesses are seeking micromanagement at every span whether it is about managing customer satisfaction factors or dealing with the customer’s choice and conveying the same to the vendors. There would be multiple discount structures and manage those with each transaction along with multiple products, locations, customer demographics and more. In such a complex sales policy, it always becomes difficult to establish control if accounts are not properly configured and reconciled at regular intervals.

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26 AS Reconciliation

Form 26AS is the summary of TDS which has been deducted by Vendors and paid to Govt., then TDS return is filed to reflect those. It is recorded as TDS receivable (Current Asset) in books of accounts. 26AS Reconciliation is very important as it will make sure that TDS which is deducted by Vendor is deposited.